Suman's Journey with AppliqueOfficial

This is the era of the e-commerce boom in India when Suman choyal, with no formal training, no background in e-commerce, pursuing her graduation and her interest and loves for handicrafts and handloom products so,decide to start an platform of handmade women apparels. Daughter of a army officer, she inherited her father's spirit. She was only 24 when she started appliqueofficial with Hemant gaur. From since last 6 years Suman has built appliqueofficial on the foundation of transparency, authenticity, love, and commitment. From the team to the artisans, everyone shares a strong connection with Suman..For Suman choyal, appliqueofficial is not a place where people come to seek for purchase things - it is a place where people get product made with love of Indian women artisans. She continuously encourages her team to be independent and helps them chart out a career. Some of her team members have been with her from starting. Suman brought her unique ideas to appliqueofficial with personalized blogs and content from her own talent This gental behaviour and prompt delivery ideas has won the heart of millions of appliqueofficial customers and followers from across the globe.

Hemant Gaur's Vision at AppliqueOfficial

An alumnus of Rajasthan technical university in mechanics, Hemant gaur was deeply inspired by Chanakya, also known as artist, A business minded person who support women empowerment , Hemant gaur along with his best friend Suman choyal , started Appliqueofficial in 2018 - a sustainable lifestyle brand that represents the Indian handicrafts and handloom industry and artisans on one platform. Hemant gaur modelled Appliqueofficial to mainly support Indian women artesian appliqueofficial today has a team strength of 95% women, who come from the economically backward states of the society. Today, Appliqueofficial caters to a discerning domestic and global audience who are enthusiastic about Indian handicrafts and handloom. He has built a community of artisans from across India and given them their due credit by selling their products on one the platform. He is consistently trying to bring a change in the non-standardized processes of the crafts business.Also He continuously trying gave the the best price to his client with less margins